[In Development, Seeking Producer/EP]

Contact for Pitch Deck and Screenplay (111 pages)

Written by Eliot Galán

Logline: A troubled teen is abandoned by his mother and sent to live with his estranged father in a small Texas town, where he’ll face his inner demons and new ones.

Awards: Winner of Best Feature Screenplay in Atlanta Movie Awards and Nashville Independent Filmmakers Festival, 2024. Runner-up Best Feature Screenplay at L.A. IFS Film Festival. Placements in Film Invasion LA, Santa Barbara International Screenplay Contest, Dallas International Film Festival, Festival of Cinema NYC, LightReel Film Festival, Beverly Hills Film Festival, ISC Screenplay Competition, Paris Screenplay Awards, Denver Movie Awards, and Hong Kong International Screenplay Contest.

Genre: Drama/Dramedy

Comps: Dìdi meets Go meets Pan’s Labrynth

Synopsis: Sol lives in Austin, Texas with his mother Alicia, who is expecting, and about to turn their lives upside down. Facing eviction and out of options, she sends Sol to live with his estranged father in a rough neighborhood, while she crosses state lines to stay with her mother and have the baby.

It’s the mid-90s, and Cuernavaca is a little known remote suburb, affectionately called “the hood” by locals, for its criminal reputation. With a population of only 5,000, this eclectic mix of mansions and trailer parks, and everything in between, is home to teenagers whose friendships cross the traditionally hardened social boundaries of class and race.

In a rundown trailer park, Sol finds love, a new best friend, and a second chance with his father, not without their share of challenges. The unforgiving summer heat brings their lives intensely to a boil, as they find themselves at the center of numerous felonies, including grand theft auto, kidnapping and murder. The hood will never be the same.

Writer Statement: Cuernavaca is a story of personal growth from disillusionment to survival, and while this is a period piece set in the ‘90s, the themes explored could not be more relevant today. Questions around class, race, gender and masculinity are now firmly implanted in the zeitgeist, and though advances have been made, we face increased scrutiny and pushback from established systems of oppression and their purveyors. This heartfelt story of personal growth will advance our aims of progress by inspiring individuals, and encouraging dialogue amongst communities, with any luck, impacting society and the next generation.