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Balmoral Hotel towers above East Hastings St

Pushed Out: Tenant Solidarity in the Face of Mass Eviction

The Balmoral Hotel has a checkered past and an uncertain future. On June 2nd, 2017, the building was deemed uninhabitable, and its 177 residents were ordered by the city to vacate within ten days. After decades of deteriorating conditions, the Balmoral was officially condemned.

After initially being encouraged to utilize homeless shelters, a handful of tenants self-organized and advocated for more humane treatment, which became a flash point of the housing crisis, even making national news. Pushed Out offers a rare look into the this harrowing journey.



Development funding secured. Searching for additional funders for production. Currently in negotiation with former tenants of the Balmoral Hotel for additional interviews. Contact us for sizzle reel and pitch deck.

Documentary (in development)

Credits: Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

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A resident peers through broken windows of the Balmoral Hotel

Former hotel manager turned whistleblower, Sam watches life unfold on East Hastings St.