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  • Journey of a Dream

    Journey of a Dream

    A feature length documentary that will take audiences on an epic global journey into a life in exile, activism, Tibetan roots and… heavy metal music. Its the most unique juxtaposition ever seen in a rockumentary. I am Tibetan, Buddhism is my philosophy, Heavy metal saved my life. a film by Shenpenn Khymsar Watch the full […]

  • Hot Earth

    Hot Earth

    Documentary on a multi-generational movement to protect Chinatown from encroaching luxury real estate developments. The phrase “hot earth” is the literal translation of the Chinese word 熱土 (yeet-tow), which carries a double meaning: love for the homeland, and hot piece of real estate. Documentary (7 min) Credits: Director, DOP, Editor Produced by Chanel Ly

  • Illuminate


    Music video for Revolution Above Disorder. In the future, the natural world is but a distant memory. Starring Analissa Longoria & Mat DurieProducer: Stephen Nicholas WhiteDirector/DOP/Editor: Eliot GalánCamera Op: Darryl AhyeKey Grip: Ray CorkumWardrobe: Analissa Longoria Music Video Credits: Director, DOP, Editor

  • Zaniac


    Hilarious and entertaining promotional video for the most energetic person on the planet, world-class prop comic entertainer Alex Zerbe. Promo (3:30) Credits: Writer, Director, DOP, Editor

  • Hush


    Music video for Nightingale Feat. OQO. The artist is born in service to Mother Earth. Art Director, Director, Producer, Editor: Iris HollowCinematographer and Colorist: Eliot GalánSecond Camera Operator: Daniel J. PierceChoreographer and dancer: Jessica Dawn KeelingDancers: Rachael Withers, Marisa GoldMusician: Marisa Etchart NIghtingale Feat. OQOLead Actor: Trent KSMUA: Lole Ferrat Music Video Credits: DOP, Colorist

  • Change It

    Change It

    Music video for Tyler Roses. This cover of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Change It” explores confronting a life unfulfilled. Music Video Credits: Writer, Director, DOP, Editor

  • Meddle


    Critically acclaimed Haida Manga artist, Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, pushes the boundaries of the art world by challenging the divide between contemporary and so-called “Native Art”. With humour, kinetic innovation and expansion of traditional and contemporary forms, Yahgulanaas directly confronts the tension he identifies as arising from a legacy of historic racism that persists within and beyond […]

  • The House

    The House

    After a soul-searching journey traveling the world, Jean (Natalie Skye) returns home. Still floating in limbo, she camps out in an empty mansion owned by a friend’s rich family; a house waiting to be sold when the price is right. Jean moves in, and vows to finish her travelogue about her journey. She thinks she’s finally […]

  • The Path of Cedy Nkunze

    The Path of Cedy Nkunze

    There are simple tales of fall lines conquered, rock rolls crushed, and there are complex journeys woven across continents, drafted over lifetimes. This story happens to be both. Documentary (12 min) Credits: Editor, Colorist Directed by Seth Gillis

  • The Rock Shirt

    The Rock Shirt

    Short comedy about a guy and his shirt. Starring Ali Liebert and John Stewart. Comedy (6 min) Credits: Editor, Colorist, Title Designer Directed by Jason James