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  • Chocolate by Pacifika

    Chocolate by Pacifika

    Music video for Pacifika. Live performance of their hit song “Chocolate.” Featuring Karen Flamenco. Music Video Credits: Editor

  • Illuminate


    Music video for Revolution Above Disorder. In the future, the natural world is but a distant memory. Starring Analissa Longoria & Mat DurieProducer: Stephen Nicholas WhiteDirector/DOP/Editor: Eliot GalánCamera Op: Darryl AhyeKey Grip: Ray CorkumWardrobe: Analissa Longoria Music Video Credits: Director, DOP, Editor

  • Hush


    Music video for Nightingale Feat. OQO. The artist is born in service to Mother Earth. Art Director, Director, Producer, Editor: Iris HollowCinematographer and Colorist: Eliot GalánSecond Camera Operator: Daniel J. PierceChoreographer and dancer: Jessica Dawn KeelingDancers: Rachael Withers, Marisa GoldMusician: Marisa Etchart NIghtingale Feat. OQOLead Actor: Trent KSMUA: Lole Ferrat Music Video Credits: DOP, Colorist

  • Change It

    Change It

    Music video for Tyler Roses. This cover of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Change It” explores confronting a life unfulfilled. Music Video Credits: Writer, Director, DOP, Editor