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  • Crossed


    A conflicted young man, Mikey (Richard de Klerk) is released from prison after doing time for a crime he didn’t commit. His attempt at a fresh start goes horribly wrong when he discovers his best friend is secretly seeing his ex-girlfriend who he’s still in love with. More details at IMDb Feature Drama (84 min) […]

  • The House

    The House

    After a soul-searching journey traveling the world, Jean (Natalie Skye) returns home. Still floating in limbo, she camps out in an empty mansion owned by a friend’s rich family; a house waiting to be sold when the price is right. Jean moves in, and vows to finish her travelogue about her journey. She thinks she’s finally […]

  • The Rock Shirt

    The Rock Shirt

    Short comedy about a guy and his shirt. Starring Ali Liebert and John Stewart. Comedy (6 min) Credits: Editor, Colorist, Title Designer Directed by Jason James