Nancy Greene Raine, colloquially known as N.G.R., has spent a lifetime showing the world what it means to love a sport. As a ski racer, coach, Olympic champ, mountain-resort visionary and Canadian Senator, Nancy Greene Raine is an inter-generational household name for many Canadians. But how much do you really know about Sun Peaks’ local celebrity?

Turning 80 in 2023 and surpassing a milestone that a younger N.G.R. had never predicted, she’s left her footprint on both the resort and sport communities she’s led. Not only has she constantly empowered the next generation of skiers, she helped put Sun Peaks on the map as a world-class destination, and a welcoming community. A place that whether you’re a local or a visitor, you always feel at home.

Hold on to your toques because we’re dropping in, to a masterclass in how to live life at 120 km/hour. Weave through her exciting life story at a Nancy-approved pace!

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